Rivertwists and Beach Walks

It’s a year and a half now since I traded rivers for beaches and small town for city. So many resolutions to write about these changes and not much (okay, nothing) has eventuated on my blog.

The great thing about beaches is that they lend themselves to wandering and wondering, pondering the large and small issues of life and the world. “What should I have for dinner?” “Did I write that project plan right?” “How long will terror threats dominate the world with fear?” “How will I incorporate spiritual disciplines this week?”

And I guess ultimately – “Where is this life walk leading?”. I do tend to wonder and ponder what might eventuate for me.

As I reflect on the year past, I see achievements and proud moments that I am learning from, as well as people who have challenged me and supported me. One such person spoke the truth lovingly to me that I seemed to have given up the hope for a healthy future. The challenge is to let go of hopelessness and cast my vision upwards and forwards.

Time and again I have had health professionals counsel me to ‘accept’ my mental health issues. They surely meant well, but accepting the status quo can lead to squashing hopes for things you’d love to see happen – travel, full time work, shifting out of home . . . and a life not dominated by the dis-ease of the past.

So this year I am setting intentions and not resolutions. Intentions set a tone and a direction, which can carry through multiple years. Intentions show a commitment and flavour to many actions, not constraining me to a certain activity or outcome (with a pass/fail feel to them).

I have this itching to tell you about my intentions, but my other sense is to leave you wondering instead! How about we agree that I will reveal and unpack them in future posts?

The intention I will share with you is that I shall leave 2015 where it belongs – the past – and enjoy looking future-forward and allow myself to dream and hope and plot and plan.

So here dawns 2016 … here’s to more walking and blogging!

 dawn IVT

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand (Proverbs 19:21)


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